2014-04-01 Welcoming spring

2014-04-01 14.12.08

April Fools 2014 the sun motivated me to visit a nearby park (the pola mokotowskie in Warsaw) to welcome the slowly blooming spring.
You can also see this post on my 500.px profile ;)

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2013-12-06 snowy santa’s day

2013-12-06 17.34.22-2

Merry santa’s day everyone (in polish, you call the 6th of december “Mikołajki”, the day of santa claus)!

Perfectly timed for this, quite a big snowfall came raining down above Warsaw, during which I set out to capture a few nice shots

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2013-11-11 a walk in the forrest

2013-11-11 enjoy the little things

I love when things “randomly” align in my life. In this case, the trip to Siedlce two weeks ago (with my friend’s EOS 550DD) and this one (where I was able to use my aunt’s Sony DSC-HX100V) to her cottage in preparation for my newly arrived Nikon D40 ( which I’ll probably review in some time ;) ). When my dad saw the picture quality of my S100, he bought one himself and stopped using his DSLR as it was too big for his taste. So I finally have a DSLR ^_^

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2013-11-01 Siedlce Zalew

2013-11-01 16.27.38

This weekend, I visited Siedlce‘s lake (they call it a/the “Zalew” ;) ) and was able to test out my friend’s Canon EOS 550D. Well, as usual, a bit of photoshop went into these pictures, but I have to admit, I’m not really astonished by these pictures. I don’t mean to say they’re bad, I’m just implying that the S100 is an amazing camera. While the 550D has a better objective/lens (obviously, it’s a DSLR), the S100 is SO much better at colors and a noticable (might be a hunch) tick better at noise-less-ness.

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Kindergarden food menu

screenshot-25-10-2013 15.08.20

A client of mine is implementing a catering service to a local kindergarden. I created this menu to be viewed on their page, printed and hung in the kindergarden. Best printed in Chrome :)

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